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Read this first 👋

We have a whole dedicated FAQ section on each studio classes page. It will give you details about class styles, drinks, what to wear, fired pieces and so much more. Check them out here - pottery: make a mug

When will my pieces be ready to glaze?

You'll get an email from us once your pieces are ready to be glazed!

Your crockery takes around 4-6 weeks to be bisque fired (first fire!) Then you will be invited back to glaze it.

Then it will go into the kiln for one final fire.

The entire process is around 8 weeks.

When can I collect my crockery?

The entire process is around 8 weeks! So once your work has had it's final glaze fire, it will be ready for collection.

Use our 'Google Business Hours' for your pick up times!

Can I bring snacks into the studio? 🍟

Unless you have booked a private event, then sadly no :(

In private events we can safely separate snacks from your clay station, but this isn't possible for public workshops.

So come with a full belly!

I don't drink - What are my options? 🍷

Every workshop comes with a range of delicious sugar free non-alcoholic cocktails.

Ps, your ticket price can't be changed if you're a drinker or not - our refreshments are more of a 'cherry on top' kinda thing...

Do you host private events?

Totally! We love hosting and for all different types of events. Our space caters perfectly for teams, friend groups, birthdays, hens parties and pretty much any other reason to celebrate.

Check our private event page for more details and book in your date.

Didn’t find the answer to your questions above?

Reach out to us at hi@crockd.com and we’ll do our very best to answer it.