• Week 1 of Wheel Throwing Beginner Course: Introduction
  • Week 2 of Wheel Throwing Beginner Course: Basic techniques
  • Week 3 of Wheel Throwing Beginner Course: Form and shape
  • Week 4 of Wheel Throwing Beginner Course: Trimming and refining techniques
  • Week 5 of Wheel Throwing Beginner Course: Glazing and finishing
  • Completion of Wheel Throwing Beginner Course with final project showcase

Wheel Throwing Beginner Course (5 Weeks)

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Beginner Wheel Throwing Course (5 Weeks)

Week 1-3: Centering and Throwing

  • Learn the basics of centering clay on the wheel.
  • Practice shaping and forming basic pottery pieces.
  • Gain confidence in controlling the wheel and your clay.

Week 4: Trimming

  • Refine your pieces by trimming excess clay.
  • Learn techniques to perfect the form and balance of your pottery.
  • Prepare your creations for the kiln.

Week 5: Glazing and Decorating

  • Explore various glazing techniques to add color and texture.
  • Decorate your pieces with personalized designs.
  • Finish and prepare your pottery for the final firing.

Join us and create your own unique pottery pieces from start to finish!

Important deets!

All Ages (8+)

Free Cancellation 7 days before your class or cancel within 7 Days to get a 100% Crockd Credit

Included. Firing + Custom Glaze Colours.

2-4 Flood Street, Bondi NSW 2026

Neutral Bay:
81-91 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

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✔ Street Parking Available
✔ Close to Public Transport
✔ Ground Floor Accessible

  • BYO Friendly
  • 2.0 hours
  • Wheel Throwing
  • Included. Firing + Custom Glaze Colours.

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